Vacancy Rewards Offers Smart Travel Tips For The Pregnant Women

Vacancy Rewards offers travel tips for the women who are pregnant so that they can travel safely without any hassles. Stiff swollen feet are the main problems with women who are pregnant especially when they have to travel. However, by following these smart travel tips they sure can enjoy a hassle free travel experience without cutting any corners.

Vacancy Rewards think that pregnant women should always discuss things with their doctor before they travel, as this way they will be able to enjoy a safe travel experience. Moreover, it is always best that they go through the rules and regulations of the Airline that they want to travel with as many of them have specific rules and limitations regarding how late into pregnancy women may travel. Pregnant women should book their plane seat with comfort in mind. A seat near the bathroom will make it easy for them to use it because during pregnancy, they need to go to the washroom more often. First Class seats can be their best option but only if they can afford the high cost.

Vacancy Rewards say that health should be the main concern of all pregnant women and so they should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and tea while traveling and instead drink lots of water and fresh juices to keep themselves fit and hydrated. They also need to wear comfortable shoes to suit their comfort and should take a short walk down the aisle so that they remain fit and active all through the flight. Moreover, the best way to do it right is to request for an aisle seat the time of check-in so that they are seated appropriately  and get more space to move around.

Vacancy Rewards member say that pregnant women should carry a medical certificate as it confirms that they are in a fit and healthy condition to travel. It is very healthy to carry your own snacks as during pregnancy you need to eat more and fulfill your nutritional demands. Drinking fresh juice turns out a healthy option for you and your unborn baby’s health.