Vacancy Rewards Recommends A Tour Of Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco

Vacancy Rewards knows that it is only in San Francisco that you can enjoy tours, one of a kind of sights and other exciting attractions as the recreational facilities within the city and around its bay area are limitless. With its cool foggy Pacific air, historic architecture and infamous hills the city of San Francisco conjures up a distinct mythical picture in the tourists mind. Tourists can travel around San Francisco enjoying its main attractions on the comprehensive public transport systems, which makes exploring easy and fun.

Vacancy Rewards members highlight the most iconic attractions of San Francisco that should never be missed. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges of the world and offers breathtaking views of its harbor and fantastic photo opportunities. When visiting this iconic attraction there are many exciting activities that tourists can enjoy along the way. They can hike along its different pathways to enjoy the different angels of the bridge and absorb its majestic beauty.

Vacancy Rewards also recommends tourists to book on an Alcatraz Cruise as it is an exciting adventure where you get to explore its prison where the world’s most dangerous criminals were housed long ago. Visitors can tour its prison, view wildlife and discover rare flowers and plants. A visit to the Fisherman’s Wharf is also a must for the tourist as its offers them a variety of activities for shopping dining and exploring its museums.

Vacancy Rewards members know that while traveling with little infants your vacationing itineraries need to be adjusted in order to include the attractions that entertain and engage these young members. The Bay Area Discovery Museum provides an interactive and creative outing for kids to enjoy. Its indoor and outdoor museum features programs and events that help in enhancing their creativeness and exposing the kids to nature. Its Art Studio provides opportunities for creative expression through painting and clay.

Vacancy Rewards member say that that the shopping extravaganza in San Francisco is absolutely stunning as there are many stylish boutiques and clothing stores especially in the area around Union Square. The city is ready to please tourists with deep pockets as well as the ones on a tight budget.