Vacancy Rewards Shares Tips for Taking Pictures while Traveling in Mexico

Vacancy Rewards

One of the most important things that people do when they travel is take pictures. The pictures will serve as memories about their travels when they return home. If you are traveling to Mexico, Vacancy Rewards thinks you need to be aware of several things that can help you safely and easily take the pictures that you want while traveling in Mexico.

  • Pictures in Museums and other historic sites – It is acceptable to take pictures in many locations, but there can be restrictions. Some museums will charge a fee for taking videos although this is not common. What is more common is for flash photography not to be allowed in many museums and historic locations. It is best to ask the policies before you start snapping photos.
  • Using a tripod – When you travel to most archaeological sites and many museums, if you want to use a tripod, you need to get a special permit. Vacancy Rewards wants to remind you that it is best to ask beforehand if you plan to use a tripod.
  • Churches – The churches are beautiful in Mexico, but taking pictures during a service is not a good idea. It is okay to take pictures in most churches at other times.
  • On the beach – When you are on the beach, you can take pictures, but be aware of others in the pictures. A local may get upset if you accidentally include them in one of your shots.


Vacancy Rewards thinks that the key to taking pictures in Mexico is to ask ahead of time if it is allowed. That will help prevent any problems.