Vacancy Rewards Enjoy The Atlantis Submarine Tour In Barbados

Vacancy Rewards members are aware that Barbados is a dynamic island with plenty to keep you busy no matter how long you plan your holiday there. Tourists can enjoy the shimmering waters that surround Barbados on a pleasure walk, walkover the plank of the Pirates Voyage and explore the underwater splendors’ and aquatic life on their snorkeling tour. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to holiday during the summer months you may even get the chance to enjoy the splendors of the “Crop Over Festival” in Barbados as this celebration showcases Barbados culture through its folk and art.

Vacancy Rewards members know that the Atlantis Submarine Tour is the highlighted attraction of your vacation in Barbados as this way tourists get to enjoy a unique underwater experience in a real submarine. A tour of the underground world of the clear and crystal waters that surrounds Barbados is safe, a high quality experience, environmentally friendly, fun and educational as well. This gives tourists the chance to explore Puerto Rico in a real submarine submerged in its aquamarine seas and enjoy the world of underwater splendors through portholes.

Vacancy Rewards members say that tourists have the option of booking into a day adventure or a submarine night dive. Tourists live up to their dreams when they sit in air-conditioned comfort sampling Hors’d’oevure’s and relaxing in its tranquil marine world on the shores of Barbados. Your adventure begins with a scenic boat ride, which takes you to the diving site of the submarine. Visitors really end up loving the experience as curious exotic fishes peek at you and you get to see sunken shipwrecks up to the depths of 150-feet.

Vacancy Rewards say that booking on a tour of the Atlantis is the best way to explore Barbados natural artifact, its beautiful coral reef. Tourists have the option of booking into the Atlantis Submarine Tour through the online mode as this way they will be able to enjoy the awe-inspiring tour while holidaying in Barbados.

Vacancy Rewards Members Love The Scenic Landscape Of The Arikok National Park of Aruba

Vacancy Rewards invite you to Aruba the Dominican island with a tropical appeal as well as blue turquoise waters. Tourists can lounge on its white sandy beaches, snorkel amongst shipwrecks and colorful corals and explore the beautiful island on an ATV vehicle. Moreover, it’s vibrating nightlife and friendly locals make your Caribbean holiday experience. The highlighted attraction of your Aruba vacation is its Butterfly Farm where tourists get to discover enthralling, stunning butterflies, which flutter freely in a lattice, clustered vegetated enclosure. You can carry your camera and click awe-inspiring shots.

Vacancy Rewards know that time flies by when you are having fun in your Aruba vacation as the island of Aruba is filled with beauty and charm. All tourists holidaying in Aruba should experience comfort and freedom as this is what we all wish for, the lively youngster can’t wait to b placed on a surfboard and ride of the big waves. It sure is a good idea to explore the bounties of nature while kicking the waters and sand. There is no single activity that fails to entertain its visitors as walking down Aruba’s coastline doesn’t get you bored as the calm surface of the waters is pretty relieving.

Vacancy Rewards members know that a visit to the Arikok National Park of Aruba is a must as it is filled with ecological treasures, exotic and rare cacti and desert vegetation. Nature Bridge of Aruba is its most popular attraction that tourist from far and wide come to enjoy. This bridge is a formation of coral limestone cut out by years of pounding and surfing waves that extend to about  seven feet above sea level and spans more than a hundred feet. Tourists enjoy climbing up large boulders to enjoy the ocean surf break over the rocks and cascade back into the basin.

Vacancy Rewards recommends tourists to visit the California Lighthouse of Aruba perched on an high seaside elevation the lighthouse is Aruba’s scenic attraction and offers a picturesque view of the island’s western coastline of sandy beaches. The sand filled flat land around the lighthouse is called California’s White Sand Dunes and is popular with kids who enjoy dune surfing.